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About Us

Who we are

Horizon is a leading company in Bahrain, as part of a regional Group offering Telecommunications Solutions in the region for over 30 years. Horizon is part of the Ejabi Group, with six sister companies. Horizon has a highly qualified team with a long service in the Bahraini market. Horizon offers services in FTTX and Fiber Roll-out, ELV solutions, ICT installations, and other Technical support services.


Competitive Advantage

For more than 20 years, Horizon has been a trusted partner for many major operators in Bahrain in deployment and corporate services. We also have extensive experience in serving several main operators in External Plant Deployment, In-Building networking installations, and Enterprise Customers' Telecom needs.

Horizon is part of a holding Group of 6 sister companies with local capabilities in Bahrain and regional support from the Ejabi Group. The Group support covers the supply of materials through agencies with well-known vendors, certified staff in specialized technical services and products, and the Financial and Administrative capacities of the Group. We may offer joint projects with sister companies to our clients for large-scale projects.


Ejabi Holding Group

The Group is comprised of prominent companies in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with a regional presence. The Group serves sectors such as Telecommunications, Banking and finance, Oil and gas (Kuwait Oil Company), Retail, ISPs, Education, Defence Security, and Converged Communications. The Group has several subsidiaries including Horizon Telecom Services, Insiyabi Kuwait, Insiyabi Bahrain, ATCO General Trading & Contracting Co., Sultan Telecom & Arabian ITS. The Group’s experiences are in the fields of FTTX and Fiber Roll-out, IT Systems, Broadcast and media, Cybersecurity, Physical Security, Enterprise services, Low plus Medium plus High Voltage cable services & products, Managed Services, Hosted Services, ICT Solutions, Oil & Gas & other new Energy services.

Ready to upgrade your telecom infrastructure?

Ready to upgrade your telecom infrastructure?

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